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Small business owners are passionate, hardworking, and able to wear many different hats. They face challenges every day to grow what in most cases is not just a business, but a dream. We love being a part of this growth and try to help in any way we can. So we’ve dedicated this page to articles and insights on various topics about small business marketing that we hope you’ll find useful. Check back here or subscribe to receive future small business marketing insights.

Know Your Brand Values and Your Customers.

Building brand loyalty is a complex process. Many parts of an organization must function in unison to ensure congruence between values of all stakeholders, expected and delivered quality of goods and services, and anticipated and actual needs of end users.

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Your Brand Synergy

Small Business Guide To Creating Brand Loyalty


Businesses exist to recognize and fulfill human needs. Successful businesses acknowledge that consumer’s needs for goods and services change over time. Being able to anticipate the latest technologies, marketing trends, or social movements results in long-term brand loyalty and growth. When you change with your customers, they feel understood, valued, and loyal.


A company’s values are communicated in everything they do-from manufacturing practices to customer service. Companies rely on core values to align the objectives of everyone involved. When core values aren’t represented in a company’s actions, consumers see the disparity between true and portrayed values. Brand loyalty suffers when values are phony or outdated.


Customers seek the best quality goods at the lowest possible price. People will demonstrate greater brand loyalty when the quality they receive is well worth the money and relevant to their real, personal needs. If the value a customer experiences is lower than anticipated, brand loyalty will suffer. Let down customers aren’t loyal to a brand for long and will start seeking better alternatives.


Your brand must offer relevance to its customers. This means that your brand represents the same core values as your customers, whether those values be sustainable manufacturing processes or fast customer service. This also means that your brand is dynamic and moves with the times. When you remain relevant to current and future audiences, your customers won’t need to look for another company to follow.


To stay ahead of the curve and to be a leader in business, companies must inspire a vision that can be shared by all involved. By offering excellent quality while anticipating changes in the world, business, and people, companies can successfully communicate vision. Living by that vision day in and day out gives consumers confidence in your brand.


When people choose to part with their hard earned dollars, they feel more satisfied doing so with a brand that shares their values and delivers premium quality.
Shared Value & Good Quality=Happy Customer = Loyal Customer

Brand Loyalty

When you have all parts working like a well oiled machine they result in a consumer relevant brand that satisfies demand and allows for shared vision of all involved. Overtime this process generates a brand loyal community and fuels organizational growth.

Bridging the Gap

As a small business it’s essential to have the right marketing partner. A resource that you can manage at a single point of contact, that can help with planning, strategy and the execution of your marketing initiatives.

It can be difficult to do all of that in-house and a little pricey at a large firm. That’s what makes Pixel Bureau the perfect small business partner – we’re a boutique agency that develops big marketing for small businesses, all in one place.

In today’s marketing landscape small businesses no longer have to settle for small marketing. It doesn’t take a massive corporate budget to get the word out or to get people excited about a brand.

What You Need to Know to have Digital Success.

Reaching digital success as a small business means understanding the power and capabilities of each digital marketing tool.

When your business allocates resources to a variety of digital channels, while maintaining an overall marketing strategy that connects the potential of each channel, the result is growth of your brand and following.

Mobile Friendly

Your website should be mobile friendly. Users are more likely to find you while on their phone.

Social Media

There are over 3 billion active social media users. Users who have positive social media experiences with a brand are more likely to recommend it to others.

Email Marketing

For most retail professionals, email marketing is the greatest channel for customer retention.


On average, US adults spend over an hour a day watching videos online. Revenue growth is 49% faster with marketers who utilize video.


Organic searches account for about half of all website traffic. With SEO, you’ll capture potential customers and revenue.

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