Victoria Bakery & Café

Sweet Recipes for Success


01. Brief

Victoria Bakery & Café was founded by four Italian immigrant bakers in 1911 in San Francisco. Since its founding, the establishment has grown to be a beloved and iconic Italian bakery of the Bay, with many loyal patrons. Now it continues its journey into the modern world, with its primary location in Greenbrae.

02. Challenge

When you’re an iconic Italian bakery in the Bay, you want to celebrate your 100-year-old history, traditions, and authentic recipes while also staying connected to the ever growing and changing community. Such a task cannot be half-baked.

03. Solution

We whipped up and implemented a multifaceted rebranding and marketing plan that accentuated the bakery’s long-lasting Italian traditions, while creating avenues for new and modern customers to discover, follow, and connect with the brand. Our solution included a website that pays homage to the bakery’s history, while presenting mouthwatering photography of signature desserts and enabling users to place orders online. We also strategized to establish Victoria’s presence on social media, build client email lists, and develop engaging online and in-store marketing.

04. Execution

Our rebranding initiative produced a visually appealing and modern look, all while maintaining a touch of old world elegance. New branding guidelines were used to shape up a variety of marketing collateral, from the website and social media profiles to the bakery’s window signs and menus.

The redesigned and responsive website became a centerpiece of the entire campaign. The website’s custom photography, online ordering page, bakery blog, and e-newsletter sign-up brought Victoria Bakery and Café into the new century. The bakery’s history and long-lasting traditions claimed their rightful presence on the site’s detailed About page and in a brand video that invokes nostalgic feelings of old San Francisco.

We established monthly e-newsletters, regular social media interactions, and in-bakery campaigns and promotions to drive a healthy customer flow to the bakery and its digital assets. By fully baking this traditional Italian bakery into modern times, we’ve increased customer loyalty, satisfaction, and overall appetite for Italian deliciousness.


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Online & In-Store Marketing