Claudine Kitchen & Bakeshop

A Culinary Experience


01. Brief

Claudine Kitchen and Bakeshop celebrates the flavors and culinary diversity of modern California cuisine in a casual café setting. They make good on a promise to use fresh, local, and responsibly sourced ingredients, so you can eat hearty food that tells a story. And they want the world (or at least their city) to know just that.

02. Challenge

Our challenge was to market the new restaurant in a way that highlights its exciting take on gourmet cooking and its philosophy of fresh and natural ingredients. We needed to show the restaurant’s stellar capabilities and extensive services, all while developing compelling promotions and brand consistency that would appeal to a variety of audiences.

03. Solution

We created a marketing plan consisting of special culinary events, holiday-based promotions, and monthly specials to drive traffic to the restaurant, increase its average transaction, and highlight its fresh, natural, and hearty food.

In particular, we developed Claudine By Night, a monthly event, in order to showcase Claudine’s superb cuisine that comes from the multicultural traditions of Los Angeles. In promoting these events, we started by answering a simple question: What marketing channels do we have available and which of them offer the best cost per result ratio? We narrowed it down to in-restaurant advertising and the most effective, online channels – the website, email, and social media.

04. Execution

Within all marketing collateral and communications, consistency and continuity were a must. With each event, we took mouthwatering photography of the featured cuisine to use in our promotional artwork. The artwork was designed to be on-brand and consistent from event to event. We adopted the final artwork for a variety of online and in-store marketing, in order to attract existing and new customers. From website sliders and Facebook event pages to table toppers and TV screens, we created a cohesive campaign that left customers with an appetite for more each month.

Photography & Artwork

Online & In-Store Marketing